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How Much Is a Whiplash Claim Worth?

Whiplash Claim Settlements

The law relating to the value of whiplash claims is due to change in 2019 or 2020. Currently as the law stands you would get about £3000 going up to about £4500. When the new laws are passed it is likely to be reduced to a few hundred pounds.

June 2019 update: Please note the changes in the law to limit the value of whiplash claims are still pending. It is now looking likely that these may not be implemented until 2020.

In this video Dominic explains more details about how whiplash claims are valued.

How Much Is my Whiplash Claim Worth?

We do a lot of claims where people have soft tissue damage to the neck and the back which you commonly call whiplash claims. People are asking ‘how much are whiplash claims worth?’

Well the answer after 2019 is going to be that they are not worth very much at all because the government have changed the rules. There is going to be a matrix for paying out for whiplash claims which basically means that any claim that is under about a year in duration say, an injury that doesn’t last a year will only be worth a few hundreds of pounds really and a short duration one just a couple of hundred maybe. The actual amounts aren’t set yet so I can’t actually give those to you but I will do another video when that happens. Currently as the law stands you would get whiplash based on the current calculations, one year would be about £3000 going up to about £4500 for a two-year injury.

The lesson here today is that if you have got a whiplash injury don’t wait until after March, April time this year because you will find that the value of your claim might be significantly reduced. You should be making a claim now before the new rules kick in.

If you want any specific information about the value of your claim whiplash or otherwise give me a call. My name is Dominic Moss, visit our website or YouTube channel.

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