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I live a number of miles away from Northwich, can Stonehewer Moss still help me?

We like to offer all our clients a friendly personal service you expect from a local solicitor, combined with the quality of service you expect from a specialist personal injury lawyer. To achieve this, Stonehewer Moss serve clients throughout Cheshire from our office in Northwich; including Middlewich, Winsford, Crewe, Chester, Warrington, Runcorn and surrounding areas.

A lot of our clients might be concerned that they’re not local to our office in Northwich and might not be able to come and see us as easily as some of our local clients. It doesn’t mean that we can’t help you with your claim. We can see you by Zoom, we can see you by FaceTime. We’ve often done WhatsApp video calls with clients who don’t live locally to us and we can still deal with your claim with the same level of service as if you could come and see us in the office. We can do all those things for you. We can talk to you on the phone, we can deal with your claim by email and at the end of the day it doesn’t impair our ability to come and help you win your case. Obviously the office is available if you wanted to ever come and see us or sometimes we will come and see you. Even if you are far away, it’s not necessarily too much work for us to come and do that. Obviously it would depend on your case how it’s progressing forwards, but if you want to give us a call we can arrange Zoom calls, anything like that to help you deal with your case and know that we’re giving you the best service possible. It doesn’t matter that you’re not local, we can help you. 

Please see our About Us page for more information.

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What is a Conditional Fee Agreement?

You may have been asked to sign a Conditional Fee Agreement. This is an agreement that is used when you do NOT have the benefit of an existing legal expenses policy. It allows the solicitors to claim some of their costs back from the defendants at the conclusion of the claim along with a success fee which is payable by the client. Whilst in principle the client is responsible for their fees from the outset of the claim, in reality, these fees will be capped so that you receive at least 75% of the compensation you are awarded. The cap does not apply to any disbursements you may need to obtain.

Why do I have to present documentation to prove my identity?

This means that before a solicitor can proceed with your case, you will need to show them certain documents. These will include a current passport, utility bills and the like. Solicitors need to see the original items and need to retain copies for their file. We recommend that you do not send valuable items such as passports and driving licences through the post.

Do I have to hire Stonehewer Moss after the free initial case review?

No. The free initial case review is just that, but we hope that having advised you initially you will allow us to help you should you decide to pursue the matter with professional help.

Please see our Free Initial Case Review offer.

Why do I have to pay 25% of my injury claim to my solicitor?

Often referred to as a “success fee”, in a personal injury case a solicitor may not be able to recover all their costs from the losing party so they may charge a success fee or contingency fee. This fee must not be more than 25% of your compensation. In this video, Dominic Moss, senior partner here at Stonehewer Moss personal injury solicitors, explains the fees solicitors charge in personal injury claims.

Please see our personal injury services.

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Who pays the legal costs in an injury claim?

Watch this short video for an explanation of who pays the legal costs in a personal injury claim. Dominic Moss, senior partner here at Stonehewer Moss solicitors, briefly details the alternatives and gives potential claimants some ideas of the questions they should be asking at the start of a case.

Please see our personal injury services.

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What is a no-win no-fee, no success fee claim?

A no-win, no-fee, no success fee claim is when a claimant pays only the solicitors basic charges without any additional success fee on winning a personal injury claim funded on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Dominic Moss explains more in this video:

What is a no-win, no-fee, no success fee claim? Video Transcript

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What is a Personal Injury Success Fee?

There are two liabilities for your lawyers costs if you win your case, basic charges and then success fee on top. These are the legal costs liabilities that you normally incur if you win your personal injury claim funded on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

These two items are added together to make your total liability for your solicitors’ charges. Only then, do some solicitors limit your liability for their costs with an overall cap, which is often 25% of your award of compensation, but this can be more or less depending on the firm.

So, for example if you are awarded £10,000 you might, in many cases end up with £7500 in your hand and pay 25% or £2500 to your solicitor.
At Stonehewer Moss we can offer a 0% success fee option. This means that if your claim is of high value or settles early, it is very likely you will end up with more money in your hand than you would’ve done if you went with a solicitor who charged you a success fee on top of their hourly rate.

In addition at Stonehewer Moss we EVEN LIMIT your liability to our basic charges so that is no more than 20% of your compensation and on a simple mathematical approach 20% is always going to be less than 25%, so your overall liability for costs in every case will be less, if you instruct Stonehewer Moss solicitors rather than a firm who charged you 25% of your damages.
Legal costs for personal injury cases are very complicated to understand and it may be that the above information is something that you have to read a number of times to be able to get your head around. If you’d rather have a chat, we will happily explain it to you over the phone or in person if you prefer.

We are an ethical, responsible, and accredited firm personally lawyers, looking to help genuine claimants who have suffered an accident related injury through no fault of their own, and have, perhaps lost earnings, perhaps had life changing injuries.

We are always pleased to explain anything you want to discuss about making a claim, at no charge, so that if you decide you want to go ahead with us, on whatever basis is best for you, you’re completely happy that you’ve made the right choice.

What is a success fee – video transcript.

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What Is a CRU Certificate?

CRU stands for Compensation Recovery Unit and a CRU Certificate is issued by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to show the amount of recoverable state benefit or lump-sum payments which applies to your injury compensation claim. Watch this short video to find out more or read this article:

Please see our personal injury services.

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What does “no win, no fee” mean?

In this short video, Dominic Moss, Stonehewer Moss’ senior personal injury lawyer explains what no win, no fee means in personal injury compensation claims cases.

Please see our personal injury services.

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What are Special Damages?

In this short video, we explain what the term “Special Damages” means in a personal injury claim.

Please see our personal injury services.

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What are General Damages?

In a personal injury compensation claim, you may hear the term “General Damages”. In this short video, our personal injury claims solicitor, Dominic Moss explains what this means.

Please see our personal injury services.

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Do I have to go to court to make a personal injury claim?

In this short video, Dominic Moss, senior partner here at Stonehewer Moss, personal injury solicitors, explains why less than 1% of personal injury claims require the claimant to appear in court.

Please see our personal injury services.

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