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I have received a CRU certification – what is it?

You’re probably reading this article because you have received a certificate from the Compensation Recovery Unity or ‘CRU’ for short, and you’re probably wondering what it’s for.

It’s a common question we are often contacted about.

The certificate will probably look like the image below (or click here to view a redacted example).

CRU RedactedIt is a document sent to you from a government department called the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP). It will have been sent to you as they have been made aware that you have been involved in an accident and maybe proceeding to make a compensation claim for it. Without the help and support from lawyers, it is impossible to claim it as a single citizen fight. So it is best to acquire help from a consult with the qualified personal injury lawyers in Kennewick who understands your problem and will consider it as their issue and will stand with you and fight until proper justice is given. For claiming the right amount of compensation, it is best to consult with personal injury lawyers from Woburn, MA who help you to claim your compensation and set up a new life ahead for you to lead.

The idea behind the CRU is to recover any state benefits you may have received due to your accident for example because you have been unable to work. This is because these will be paid out of your compensation directly by the compensator (usually an insurance company), even before you receive your compensation award.

Let’s take a look at an example scenario:

  • Due to an accident you experienced, you could not work for three months.
  • As a result, you lost £4,500 in wages. You make a claim for that loss.
  • Accordingly, you would only receive £3,000 in respect of your loss of earnings. Therefore, that’s £4,500 minus the £1,500 you have already received from the DWP.
  • The £1,500 would, therefore, be repaid to the DWP by the compensator (the insurer).

If your CRU says ‘Nil’, there is no need to be concerned. It means that you do not have to pay anything back to the DWP.

However, if the CRU has a table showing figures on it, then the amount shown will need to be repaid to the DWP in the event that you win your claim. It is very important that the figure stated is correct, so please ensure that you check it.

Here are some useful answers to other questions we are frequently asked by claimants about CRUs:


I have been sent a CRU but I’m not even making a claim – what should I do?

If you have received a CRU certificate ‘out of the blue’ and you do not have any solicitors acting for you, please call Dominic Moss, for free, friendly advice about what to do.

I did have solicitors acting for me, but they cancelled my claim – what should I do?

In this situation, why not give us a call and we will provide you with some free advice about what you can do.

I have asked my current solicitors about the CRU certificate and they weren’t much help – how can I change solicitors?

If your current solicitors and not providing you with the service you deserve give me, Dominic Moss a call and I will be able to help you. There is no charge for my initial advice.

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