Will I get Sacked If I Make an Injury Claim?

Will I loose my job if I make an accident at work claim?

No, seeking compensation for an accident at work that was not your fault is not grounds for dismissal. Your employer will have insurance to cover your accident claim. For the most part your solicitor will be dealing with the insurance company.

In this video Dominic Moss, senior partner at Stonehewer Moss solicitors, explains more about how your accident at work claim may affect your employment.

Can my Employers Sack me If I Make an Injury Claim?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. People are obviously claiming for an accident that happened while they were employed and are sometimes worried if their employer just gets rid of them at that time.

There obviously is the employment protection rules that would prevent that happening in a lot of cases. But you know appreciate that sometimes employers may just decide to get rid of you for whatever reason anyway.

My answer really to that is that it is not actually all that likely. Over the 20 odd years that I have been doing this it has very rarely happened. The reason why that’s the case is because the employers are insured for these claims. Once you make a claim it is the insurers that are going to be dealing with it. So for the employer, their input into this is really going to be quite limited. It is just going to be yes there has been this accident and this is what we say happened. Then it gets passed over then we, as your solicitor, will be dealing with the insurance company. Just like handling bankruptcy with your family lawyer, there are employment attorneys available who will be able to take this issue on your behalf to the court to help you to claim proper compensation for your injury and will also make sure that you are not sacked from the company for it.

So it doesn’t really happen that their tends to be any friction. A lot of our clients once the claim is in they find they go back to work and really nothing is said about it. They are actually usually are told not to discuss it at work because it is of course personal to the client. They don’t want you discussing it at work in any event. So, yes, it can be a slight issue but on the whole it is not something that you should be too concerned about.

My name is Dominic Moss and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to call me or you can visit our YouTube channel.

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