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How do I get to see my children

How do I get to see my children is surely the most basic need a parent might have, though perhaps it is more difficult to achieve than might be thought and many fathers will suffer psychologically or even physically from a denial of a relationship with his children after a separation or if never really in a relationship with the mother of the children. Cheshire family law specialist solictors at Northwich solicitors Stonehewer Moss have noted that Cafcass (the organisation that assists the Court in child disputes) have monitored applications to court and have recorded a 17% increase in cases in the past year. Michael Brennan, an accredited solicitor with the Law Society and Resolution, has handled child arrangements disputes since the Children Act was introduced in the week he began work  in 1991 and remarks, “Seeing your child feels and actually is a Universal human right, it is part of the bundle of rights recognised by the Articles of the Treaty of Human Rights now part of UK statutory law by virtue of the Human Rights Act and known as Article 8, the right to a family life. Perception and reality are different things and this statistical hike in applications to the Court suggests many fathers are frankly not making a good job of achieving the outcome that those laws underpin. I have found throughout my career, no offence, that men present themselves on occasions in a way that firstly offended the mother and secondly antagonises the professionals at Court they look to in order to  secure their rights. The experience in life I have had also informs me that when you are emotionally involved it is often best to be represented, no matter how competent you may be in other walks of life. Many men will perceive solicitors as snake oil salesman but look beyond the end of your nose or ego and you might find we can help your children have the relationship with you the Courts want them to have and are required by the Children Act to look to achieve. My feeling about the law is that only the bad cases get to Court, meaning I will deal with it if necessary but would much rather not turn your life into a drama by negotiating a settlement as a solicitor trained in the skills aimed at removing the misconceptions that are stopping the simple basic outcome we can all see is needed coming about. That most men represent themselves before going to Court must explain the alarming increase in applications, no doubt at a great increase in resentment and stress.”

Family solicitors should be able to offer a scale of fixed fees for work to help you when asking How do I get to see my children .

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