Dangerous workplace machinery – amputations and industrial accidents

Modern workplaces can be very dangerous places. They are often full of moving machinery ranging from:  

  • Conveyor belts
  • Forklift trucks
  • Labelling machines
  • Cutting machines
  • Crushing devices
  • Air and hydraulic hoses
  • Engines and motors
  • Stihl saws, drills and handheld tools
  • Mowers, strimmers, chain saws, and gardening equipment

Here at Stonehewer Moss, we have seen the result of what can happen when a business uses this type of heavy, industrial machinery and does not take proper care. Accidents involving dangerous machinery in the workplace can often lead to serious personal injuries such as loss of limbs or even worse.The workers’ compensation lawyers can help the accident victims get compensated. However, it is always better to take precautions to avoid accidents.

Unfortunately, when an accident at work involving dangerous machinery happens, employers often blame the employee for the accident for say, not using the machine correctly, being in the wrong place or using a machine that they should not have used. Even in case of traffic accidents, it is important to understand the tips for an traffic accidents 

Sometimes employers even go so far as to discipline employees injured by dangerous machinery. We have seen this in many cases and if you think this unfair then we would agree with you!

The reality is that employers are required by various laws (and we know all of them) to protect employees from being hurt by machinery.

For example, the machinery must be in good condition and the employee using the machine must be properly trained. There must be safeguards such as ‘kill’ switches and most importantly there must be, in all cases, something to prevent access to moving parts, where they are potentially dangerous and where this is possible.

Amputation of a finger or limb is a life-changing traumatic event, not just in relation to the injury itself, but also, most commonly, accident victims lose out on pay and overtime.The victims should consult lawyers for construction accidents in order to get the deserving compensation.

Looking to the future they might find it more difficult to get another job or may require future surgery or the provision of a prosthetic finger or limb.  All of these things cost money and we are here to help you make the best of an unfortunate event by getting you the compensation you deserve.

Frequently asked questions about personal injuries involving dangerous machinery in the workplace


I have had an accident at work involving heavy, industrial machinery – what should I do?

In the vast majority of cases, these are events where you, the victim, have a right to compensation both for the injury and all the losses that go along with it. You deserve compensation if you got injured while working, like when you get injured riding a motorcycle.   Don’t be put off by the employer seeking to shift the blame, telling you it was your own fault or saying you were self-employed. This is usually just a smokescreen to deflect you from making a claim. 

Employers have by law to have liability insurance in place and accordingly, most cases are dealt with by the insurance company, not your employer.

I no longer work at the place where the accident happened, can I still make a claim?

Yes. This makes no difference to your right to make a claim.

My accident happened over three years ago, can I make a claim?

In certain circumstances, you can make a claim more than three years after your accident. Please call us to find out more.

If I make a claim can my employer sack me?

You right to make a claim and your employment rights are separate and it should not matter that you are making a claim. Most claims are dealt with by the insurance company for your employers, and not by your employers direct, in any case.

I worked odd days for an employer and the person I worked for says I was self-employed – how does this affect my claim?

This is a very common tactic used to try to stop injured people from making a claim. It is, in almost all cases, not correct and particularly not so if you were hurt by machinery that you did not own.  Don’t be put off, call us today to make sure of your rights.

I have been disciplined by my employers for the accident, they say it was my fault – how does this affect my claim?

This is another common excuse to keep injured people from claiming compensation and again it is most often not something that will prevent you from making a claim for an injury caused by work equipment. Call us for free, no-obligation advice about how you can make your claim.

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