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What to think about before leaving a marriage

What to think about before leaving a marriage has to be the sensible question any married person should ask before diving into the unknown. Cheshire family law specialist solicitors at Northwich solicitors Stonehewer Moss have noticed in the past week the language of divorce being applied to the circumstances arising from Brexit. What to think about before leaving a marriage is sadly a question insufficient numbers may have considered.

Michael Brennan, an accredited specialist in complex asset divorce work, comments, ” I took a holiday including the referendum date but broke the holiday to vote; lesson one in separation is to ask the question first. A marriage begins with a question being popped and you should pop nothing other than another question as a point of principle before you leave. The question? How will this look and I feel in twelve months time? Anyone ending a marriage without thinking about that question need only look at the horrors we have visited upon ourselves by the referendum; the microcosm of a marriage split is not being applied to the macrocosm of a nations economic future without reason at this time. The blindingly obvious point is being made that you cannot split without diminution of assets about the country, but it is straight from the divorce lawyers handbook. Brexit should always have been about money and our youngest generations first; it is the same in a divorce but sadly I have witnessed other emotions clouding the issues now for a quarter of a century. The second lesson from the Brexit vote must be, negotiate before the fatal decision is taken. The process itself takes on its` own logic, with the contesting parties becoming polarised; in Europe we see a hurt France and Germany demanding that Britain leave now and don`t expect a deal until you have gone. In a separation you have options, such as collaborative law that aim to take the emotional heat out of the issues before the divorce petition is filed. Politics and marriage, it turns out, are neither arenas for game play; our recently resigned PM perhaps should have told the EU we are leaving unless x, rather than suggest he can save the day if Y. Addressing the fearful outcome and working together to the least damaging option is the style adopted by Resolution accredited collaborative lawyers if you consider using that option.” 

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