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Mid life divorce advice recent game changers

Mid life divorce advice recent game changers are likely to give options that our parents generation did not have available to ease the pressure placed on a family by separation. Northwich solicitors Stonehewer Moss advise their divorce clients in middle years that the changing financial climate means that they should not close their minds to  different approaches to settlement. Family law solicitor Michael Brennan at the Cheshire divorce solicitors says,”It is natural to seek advice primarily from those who have experienced the trauma of divorce from within our family or among social media friends if faced with a family breakdown. This could unnecessarily narrow your options. Today the mid life divorce is both more common than not and is amongst the current generation holding assets. I dislike solicitors marketing for divorce work according to net worth but demographics is another thing; at 47 I feel entitled to advise based on experience in life and at work. We offer something I call mid life services. You need divorce, pre nup and will planning advice when you unexpectedly find yourself middle aged but challenged upon life issues of this nature. Services for the elderly are common among solicitors but the service for the mid lifer seems to be overlooked. The current generation approaching 55 can now access pension funds and only today Nationwide announced mortgages to 85. The landscape has changed. Twenty years ago a woman in middle years was probably a housewife with few prospects in work; maintenance orders were a live issue. Our parents were of that generation but we should not approach divorce expecting or fearing the same outcomes. The 1973 legislation that applies on divorce permits a discretion to the court that takes account of all the circumstances; this might in the future include flexible access to pensions and the ability to service a mortgage until we need those elderly client services.”

Michael always recommends alternative methods of settlement like mediation, round table negotiation or collaborative law be considered actively before throwing your fate on the mercy of the courts. Stonewhewer Moss specialist family law services offer fixed fees in appropriate cases and can seek to negotiate legal services provision for costs in others were fixed fees cannot be funded by you but your ex partner has resources. Pre nup and will services are available. Mid life divorce advice recent game changers such as extended mortgages and flexible pension access available for Cheshire divorce.

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