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Why does making a will matter

Why does making a will matter is an understandable view if you live for today and cannot foresee your dying day but Cheshire solicitors Stonehewer Moss recommend you have a go at the on line government calculator about the effect of death without a will, what lawyers call intestate, because you might feel the cost and trouble to you of making a will while you are able is far less than the emotional and financial costs for those you care about when you are not. Intestacy is a one size fits all legal framework to distribute assets on death that sets out a list of relatives and dependants but does not just give everything to the person at the top of the list; if your estate has high value at death the person closest to you might have to share with people you are less close to or even hostile towards and your dearest will find it expensive indeed to handle the issues like selling the house they might live in with you etc. In many instances a house is transferred at death but is that what you want and what are the inheritance tax effects if your estate is over £325,000 and the joint owner is not your spouse?

The calculator is found upon searching for this site

Why does making a will matter if you have no spouse or children? Your personal circumstances and history are not accounted for by the one size fits all statutory framework without a will; if you have parents both share under the rules and you may have been estranged from one parent since childhood, so in this scenario you leave the parent you relied on to deal with the estranged parent when you die.

Why does making a will matter if I have no parents, spouse or children? Everyone has a weird uncle; he takes equally with the Aunt you shared recipes with if you leave no will.

Why does making a will matter as I have no living biological relative? Spend a few quid on a will and leave it to a deserving charity instead of the Crown.

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